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Range Hood Buying Guide

To rid your kitchen off grease, odours and smoke, look no further than getting yourself a good range hood. Additionally, some hoods add a touch of beauty to your cooking environment. We introduce you to the basics you need to buy a range hood in this buying guide. Read on!!

Types of Range hoods

Under-Cabinet Hoods

These range hoods are fixed under the kitchen cabinet. It uses up part of the space meant for the cabinet above it. The ductwork, which removes the air out of the kitchen, is either directly piped out or passed through the cabinet. Under-cabinet hoods also have an aesthetic appeal by adding to the beauty in the kitchen.

Wall Mount Hoods

These range hoods are installed directly on the wall above the stove or range. Any obstruction on the wall like a cabinet will have to be removed. Some also come with a chimney. Like under-cabinet hoods, wall mount hoods also have aesthetic appeal. The fumes are usually directly vented out through the wall.

Island or Ceiling Mounted Hoods

Island hoods usually suit stoves or ranges which are installed against a wall. Larger models can handle a couple of stoves grouped in an area. They may be mounted a little higher above the stove than other hoods in order not to block the view in a kitchen. Island hoods have unique aesthetic appeal.

Downdraft Hoods

Downdraft hoods suck the rising smoke and exhaust through ducts located beneath the floor. They tend to be less effective than other types of hoods. You might usually find them in situations where the kitchen is an island set up.

Wall Ventilation Fans

Wall ventilation fans are not purely range hoods. They help improve ventilation in a kitchen but they are ineffective for clearing fumes and smells in the kitchen. Another downside for using ventilation fans is the build up grease on your kitchen walls.

Ventilator Power Pack Hoods

Ventilator power pack hoods are custom built hoods. The internal components of the range hood are fitted into any metal or wood design you have put in place in your kitchen.

Retractable or Slide-Out Hoods

Retractable hoods can be pulled out when in use and pushed out of sight once you are done using it. This helps create more space in the kitchen.

Ductless Hoods

Ductless hoods redirect heat and smoke away from the stove into other parts of the kitchen. It usually has filters which may be able to trap odours and grease. Ductless hoods do not vent exhausts out of the building.

Features to look out for in a Range hood


Most range hoods measure 60cm or 90cm wide. Choose one that comfortably fits the size of your stove.


The volume of air being exhausted by a range hood is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The CFM-capacity you need for your kitchen depends on a number of factor such as the size of your stove, the size of the hood, and the type of ductwork in place. Regardless of the CFM-capacity, a blocked duct renders the suction power of the hood ineffective.


For ductless range hoods you need to replace the filter regularly. Duct-based filters are usually made from aluminium. Aluminium filters need to be washed every few months depending on how much grease you generate in your kitchen.


The different varieties of lighting installed in range hoods include Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen, and LED. Halogens are usually brighter while LEDs are usually more power efficient. Check how easy it is to replace the light in your hood.


Range hoods can have as many as 6 fan speeds but 2 fan speeds should be the minimum you require. A 3-fan speed installation may suit most consumers. Some hoods can vary the fan speed automatically based on the condition in the kitchen. Range hoods equipped with an exhaust timer can switch off automatically.

What’s your Budget

Wall mount hoods may cost around the same as ceiling mounts. Under-cabinet hoods are however much cheaper. Another consideration to factor is the cost of duct-based versus ductless hoods. It may cost more to purchase and install a duct-based hood but the long run cost of a ductless hood can be higher because of the regular replacement cost for the filters.

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