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Toaster Buying Guide

A nice warm well-browned toast on your breakfast table should compliment well your tea or coffee. As you plan on getting a new toaster for your or office, we will, through this buying guide, help you know some quick facts and features.

Types of Toasters

Pop-Up Toasters

A pop-up toaster may have two or more slot through where you insert bread slices. When you activate a switch, the toaster browns and pops up the bread when it is done toasting.

Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens are much larger than pop-up toasters. Within the oven is a baking ban where you place the bread slices for toasting. Toaster ovens usually take longer to complete than pop-up toasters.

Features to look out for in a Toaster

- Consistent toasting/browning - Choice of toasting level - Removable breadcrumb tray - Bread lifter (for pop-up toasters) - Bread slot size (for pop-up toasters) - Interior light (for toaster ovens) - Broiling settings (for toaster ovens) - One side toasting - Defrost and warm settings - Countdown timer - Bread slice capacity - Pause/Cancel button

What’s your Budget

Oven toasters cost more than pop-up toasters. But typically, the final choice depends on your intended usage. Toaster ovens usually have more additional functions. Always compare brands and types of ovens to see if you get a toaster which has the functions you need and if it is within your budget.